Steaming FAQ

Why would I want to steam my Yoni?

Steam is powerful but yet very gentle. Steaming is a way to bring warmth to the root chakra allow herbal medicine directly into our blood stream because this is a powerful access point.

-Improves the menstrual cycle.

-Heals the womb.

-Creates space for blissful relaxation.

-Deeply connects a woman with her source of feminine.


-Makes sex more pleasurable.

-Can help to increase fertility.

-Speeds recovery after birth. (Postpartum Healing)


When is it NOT safe to steam?

– Pregnancy

– Fresh red blood/on their period

– If trying to conceive and past ovulation

-If you have spontaneous bleeding/2 periods a month


Is it safe to steam if I have a burning itch?

It is not unsafe to steam with a burning itch but it’s up to the client. In some cases it can clear out the problem or imbalance but its best to wait until the burning itch is gone because steaming can cause the itch to increase and get more uncomfortable.

Is it safe to steam if I have the Essure birth control?

Essure is a coil like insert placed in the fallopian tubes which forms a barrier around it which then blocks the sperm from getting to the egg. Although there aren’t any known cases it seems that vaginal steaming could potentially dislodge the Essure insert or clear out the barrier around the Essure insert. This could potentially cause the birth control to fail so it is up to the women.

I had a Uterine ablation. Is it safe for me to steam?

A uterine ablation is a procedure where the walls of the uterus are scarred over by being burnt. Since vaginal steaming has been known to clear out scar tissue it can possibly reverse the uterine ablation procedure. It is not unsafe to steam but it is up to you.

I had my tubes tied. Is it ok for me to steam?

If you have had a Tubal Coagulation – The burning of the Fallopian tubes that causes scar tissue and steam can clear that scare tissue out which can cause birth control method to fail. It is up to you whether or not you want to steam.

I have the Nexplanon Arm implant. Is it safe for me to steam?

Nexplanon prevents pregnancy by making a thick mucous in the uterus that prevents sperm implantation. Steaming clears out thick mucous in the uterus and could cause birth control to fail. You can use a back up birth control and choose to steam or not steam.

Can I steam if I have and IUD?

You can safely steam with an IUD but its up to you because there is the possibility of it moving which can cause the device to puncture the uterus. There is risk involved because an IUD is not a natural part of our body. Generally, if you do a mild steam for 10 minutes you are safe to steam because you aren’t applying too much heat for too long where the IUD has the ability to shift inside of you. IT IS ALWAYS UP TO YOU.

How do you sanitize the saunas?
Great question! The saunas are made of wood and are intentionally sealed with non-toxic gentle linseed oil/mineral oil and beeswax blend to maintain the quality and integrity of this living element. Harsh cleaning chemicals are purposefully avoided at all costs in order to keep our bodies healthy, pure and clean. We don’t want those damaging cleaning chemicals to be anywhere near this Sacred Space on our body because it could flow into the Yoni. The saunas are cleaned with Purification oil after each use and they are also energetically cleansed as well.