Fourth Trimester Healing

Women are meant to be tended to in specific ways after having a baby in order to Thrive not just survive motherhood and the postpartum.

Having a baby is a Rite of Passage and is meant to be transformative, healing, awakening and a powerfully restorative time but we have forgotten what this looks like. We have learned to fear the postpartum and to expect little to no care and this is a health crisis that women are facing. The astronomically high rates of perinatal mood disorders¬† has been normalized in our society. Postpartum depression and anxiety, postpartum psychosis and disorientation, trauma and not bonding with baby are all too prevalent and most women are not properly prepared for the fourth trimester because they don’t know its even an option for them to be cared for in very specific ways.

We prepare for the pregnancy (possibly) and the birth of our baby. Taking birthing classes, eating as well as we can, seeing a care provider regularly, taking some prenatal yoga classes, writing a birth plan, possibly hiring a doula for labor support (if you know what one is), maybe taking a breastfeeding class. But then our baby is born and mom is putting all her energy into the baby and she goes to the wayside. Sometimes lost in the sea of motherhood with diapers, sleep deprivation, pure love and exhaustion.

If we dont know something is important or even exists how can we know how essential it is to our health and well-being NOW and for the rest of our lives?

These dis-eases are directly connected to the lack of proper support, education, care and healing women are provided with after growing a baby, birthing that baby and then caring for and nourishing that baby.

We need way more emotional, physical and energetic support in the fourth trimester than what women currently receive as the standard after such a life changing experience.

We are facing this health crisis because we have forgotten. We have forgotten how to Be the primal beings/animals that we are. How to tap into our Inner Being and deep wisdom because we have been told how to birth and it is interrupted in its current setting. We are stressed and disconnected and most birth is disturbed in some way or another which alters our mind, body spirit connection and changes everything.

We women have also forgotten how to truly Receive. To receive love, support, quiet, pause, to honor the ebb, the inward time. We go – go – go and that is valued over slowing down to acclimate and be present with and in this new role as a new women, as a mother.

We are also born when we give birth to our children. We experience the dying of our old Self and that must be honored or we lose ourselves and feel the need to get back to our old life. The way it was before bringing life into this world.

To honor this this fourth trimester space and Who We Really Are as women is to Receive the support we deserve. It is essential. We have forgotten how to tend to women in the Innate ways as our ancestors intuitively did to allow for deeper connection and healing and Awakening to occur in this Rite of Passage.

There is a disconnect and it is vast and great but we are bridging that gap through proper learning and understanding of this powerful time and there is beauty in this experience we are living in this fast paced, awakening world. There are are solutions!

These ancient Innate traditions can be implemented into our modern lives in practical ways so women and families can be in the Flow instead of disoriented, confused, lost, anxious, disconnected, fearful or in a state of crisis after having a baby. These are symptoms to a much deeper problem and there is so much hope!

You are worth it. This is your Birth Rite!

I offer the following services to women in the fourth trimester so they can truly Thrive in this modern world.

Healing not only yourself but the women who came before you, the women who live now and the women of future.

-Postpartum Energy Healing Ceremonies
-Closing the Bones/Rebozo Closing Ceremony
-Birth Story Processing
-Yoni Steaming At Home Plan

-Birth Integration Meditation
-Breastfeeding Support
-Energy Reading
-Reiki – Energy Work